Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Email received April 7, 2014

querida mama mia,

Muchos thank yous por tu correo y todos tus pensamientos y oracaciones. (Thanks so much for your mail, your thoughts and prayers.) En verdad gracias a la familia entera. I didn’t try the vicks vapor rub for my toe but I do have a bit of the gripe so I might try some for help with that. I still haven’t moved. The house has been done now for 2 weeks- it’s just the legal and paper work side of it all that needs getting done. We should be able to move this week though. I think I got a little taste of Zack’s world because I had to do some paper work this last week. I had to get the dueno(landlord) of the house to sign the contract and then rush it to the zone leaders house for the APs to come and take it. I feel a little more for Zack and the stress he must feel every day for his missionaries. Me and Elder de la cross will be together for at least 1 more transfer. I’m pretty pumped because I should be here for Sara and Heidi’s baptisms. I am really praying hard for Heidi. She made some mistakes earlier on in her life and they are now coming back to bite her. Namely she had a boyfriend when she was 16 or so and he is very mentally insane and she left him and then married a Norwegian guy legally, (yeah this country is full of crazy things) and now the ex boyfriend is jealous and hates us and says we are just trying to turn Heidi against him. Then he starts to call her terrible things that no daughter of god should ever be called. But our bishop and his wife are amazing and are doing what they can to help her out. So Conference was amazing. I watched it cien por ciento(100%) en español de nuevo. My language has been improving a lot with De la Cruz and he has taught me a lot about the mission as well. He has been out the same as Zack and he is an excellent teacher. I am working hard to try and keep up and be observant of what he does. He teaches really well and I have learned more about how the people think and react based off the way he thinks and reacts. I loved Elder Holland, Elder Anderson, Hermana Reeves, y Elder Ucthdorf’s talks the most although I was a big fan of how M Russel Ballard convinced his wife he was the only ex misionero verdadero y viviente(true and living returned missionary). That was way funny but a super powerful talk as well. It gave me a lot of confidence really. It’s been 8 months now and I have learned a lot about myself. I definitely regret a lot of the I did before my mission and I want to make it all right some day. I really had quite the orgullo(pride) about a lot of things and I have learned now that the humble are the ones who learn. I can’t remember who said it but there was a talk that said prayer doesn’t change god but I can change me. I have learned how to pray and I am learning how to change. I am so grateful for my mission and for the Dominican Republic. I am so grateful god let me come down here to teach my brothers and sisters about the truths of the gospel. This is really my heaven on earth and the holiest place I have ever been. I can get so frustrated at times with the people. They are very open about a lot of things to include making fun of Americans speaking espanol but I have learned a thing or two from my grandma now and I know I can speak better and that I can be humble and just love the people with all my heart. I can’t even believe how much my mission has helped me appreciate Grandma that much more. I’m so blessed to have her as an example in my life and we are all blessed that she made the decision to be the first crazy bean to jump into the pot. My mission has also led me to love family history. I have helped a few less actives start theirs and I have almost completed the mi familia booklet Elder Cook talked a little about. President has asked us to walk with ours in our bags or Books of Mormon to show to investigators, members, or less actives who might have interest. Speaking of, I would love to hear more about our antepasados so I can write more in my book about them. Nothing big just little charactaristics or stories I can read fast translate and write down in the book to show to people about my ancestors.

I love you all and espero que pasen una semana excelente.

Con mucho cariño,
Elder Spencer W. Hulsey